Meeting Ms. Robisch


Joslynn Jarrait, Junior Writer

As the school year comes to a close, Ms. Robisch, the new French teacher at Edsel, has made a positive impact on her students. I decided to interview her to learn more about her.

Ms. Robisch started working at Edsel Ford in fall 2022. She went to Crestwood High School and graduated from The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  When asked about her favorite subject, she replied, “I always loved all things in school but my favorite subject was World Language in high School. It was fun because I like all the activities you get to do.” 

Her decision to become a teacher is based on:  “the relationships that I had with my teachers in high school. The teachers I could tell had a lot of fun with their jobs and had a good community there.” 

What made her pursue French over all the other languages? “I liked the French language and I wanted to get better at it so I decided to teach French. I went to France in 2016 to visit and then I lived there for a little bit when I studied abroad in 2019.” 

Outside of teaching she enjoys running and she also coaches tennis at Crestwood. Next time you see Ms. Robisch in the hallway, say “hello!”