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The Best Shows To Watch In the Fall

The Best Shows To Watch In the Fall

#1 Gilmore Girls

Oh, to be like Rory Gilmore as fall arises! It’s time to get comfy in a sweater and denim jeans while the air gets cooler and the leaves start to fall. We drink our hot coffee from Luke’s Diner in our small but nosy hometown called Stars Hollow! The series Gilmore Girls is available on Netflix. This show, which ran from 2000-2007, is about a mom named Lorelei Gilmore and a daughter named Rory Gilmore who act as if they are best friends. Rory’s father, Christopher, on the other hand, comes in and out of their lives as he was never married to Lorelai. Also, Lorelei has a complicated relationship with her mother, Emily Gilmore, and father, Richard Gilmore, because of having a kid so young. Do you think they will work it out? Rory and Lorelei are both still trying to figure themselves out; they have lots of romantic encounters throughout the series. Who will they end up with? Rory loves to read books and watch movies with her mom while eating unhealthy snacks (just like I like to do while watching this show).

Throughout the show, there are more than 300 book references and four movie references. Rory goes to Chilton High School and is very focused on going to Harvard as her room has been decorated with posters and pamphlets on a bulletin board since she was 7 years old. Will she get into her dream college to become a journalist?

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The 10 best fall episodes according to Lucy-Jo Fin Ighan:

1) “Kiss And Tell”
2) “The Road Trip To Harvard”
3) “They Shoot Gilmores Don’t They?”
4) “Let The Games Begin”
5) “A Deep Friends Korean Thanksgiving”
6) “The Fundamental Things Apply”
7) “Ted Caples Big Night Out”
8) “But Not As Cute As Pushkin”
9) “21 Is The Longest Number”
10) “The Year In A Life series” episode “Fall” also primarily on Netflix. The series “The Year In A Life” series has one longer episode per season, four episodes total that show us their life in a year as Rory is an adult.

I think that this show has an amazing theme song and it never gets old. It is also good to watch in September/October leading up to the fall season. It is such a fun drama and loving show that really makes you feel a part of the family and is my all-time favorite show.

#2 Good Witch

The show Good Witch is premiering on Netflix and on the cable TV channel on Hallmark Channel. It is a great family show to watch during the fall season, especially as it’s starting to get a little more spooky, but not quite Halloween scary yet. Good Witch is about a friendly woman named Cassie Nightingale who lives in the town called Middleton. She seems to solve everyone’s problems. How does she do it, you might ask? She is magical! She owns a cute store selling herbs, oils, and candles, etc. I sure wish I could solve my problems with magic! She is definitely a friend you would want to keep around.

#3 Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a great show to watch if you’re looking for a thriller show to get you hooked. It’s a teen mystery adventure. Eleven or 011 (yes, it’s her name) is the main character of the show. She has powers to move things with her mind. She and a group of teens all seem to know what’s going on, even the police don’t understand. I guess it’s up to them to save the world from the upside-down universe and the scary Demogorgons.

#4 Locke and Key

Locke & Key is another teen action and thriller show about a family moving into their family’s mansion. The family is unaware that everyone in the town of Matheson knows their house as the “haunted key house.” The kids and teens discover keys that unlock different parts of the house. The parents think the kids are going crazy because only teenagers and kids can remember the magic they saw. Some of the keys do good things like the “anywhere key” which will take you anywhere you want to go when you open a door. Some of them do bad things like the “demon” and “Identity theft key”. Will the kids make sure that all 24 keys stay in good hands? Want to find out? How will the kids deal with the bullying of living in a haunted house in Matheson High School? Will they find all the keys? Obviously there are lots of mysteries, and this show will keep you hooked!

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