Tangled (Throwback Movie Review)


Joslynn Jarrait, Junior Writer

Tangled is a 2010 movie based on an old tragic German Grimm tale book originally called Rapunzel, which was published in 1812. It was adapted by Walt Disney Animation Studios to be a kid-friendly, romantic, and adventurous movie to inspire little girls to be independent and get out of their comfort zone. 

The story is about a magical flower that was the only cure for the Queen of Corona. She used this flower to get healed when she got sick before the birth of the princess named Rapunzel. Rapunzel has a magical gift with her long golden hair that glows, heals and rewinds time. Then an evil woman known as Mother Gothel kidnaps her to use her song as a way to stay young forever. She locks her up in a tall tower hidden deep in the forest never to be found. Rapunzel is manipulated to think she can not go outside because it is too dangerous. Rapunzel stays in the tower with her small pet chameleon named Pascal. Rapunzel’s hobbies are reading, painting, cooking, baking, singing, cleaning, candle making, pottery, sewing and many more things while she dreams to go Outside to see the “stars”. When a mysterious man named Flynn Rider discovers and climbs up the mysterious tower, Rapunzel gets rebellious and she requests him to take her safely to the “stars” and back home before Mother Gothel does. They go on an epic adventure together with their sidekick Maximus the horse. Will she ever discover that she is the lost princess of Corona?

 I love this movie! I give it 5 (out of 5) stars and  Out of all the Disney movies, this is my favorite. It has a great storyline, catchy songs, well-written characters, beautiful animation, and valuable life lessons. I recommend this movie to all genders and ages who love happy endings. Who could go wrong with watching a fun and amazing fairy tale?