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Edsel Ford’s Theater Season Starts with “Caught in the Act”


Edsel Ford’s Production: Caught In The Act

Edsel Ford recently put on a production called Caught In The Act. The play is unique because it is a play about a play, a mise en abyme.

The play revolves around a girl named Gracie (12th grader Margaret Carscadden), who decides to stage “Hark Hark The Dumplings,” a Shakespeare play. Gracie, the director, and assistant director Lucy (12th grader Emmy Wolinski) hold auditions for the play. As the roles are assigned, a new member, Darla (11th grader Stella Serrapere–Devine), auditions for the play. Darla ends up bringing a producer to see their show on opening night but nobody knew it was a producer. Meanwhile, a rumor spreads that there is a killer on the loose, and the only evidence that the cop Sergeant Hawk (10th grader Ryan Helka) is that the suspect is allergic to roses and forgets her lines whenever she is on stage.

The plot thickens when the theater owner, Mr. Habershaw (10th grader Matthew Brown), fabricates a murder story due to rivalry with the Carousel community theater. Amidst this, Gracie’s health issues add to the drama. However, the truth unfolds, revealing unexpected connections and a mystery to solve.

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Review of “Caught In The Act”

The “Caught In The Act” play was my favorite play I have ever seen performed. I loved getting to see the show’s progress each night. It was such a funny show to watch. The play was so interesting. You got to see how amazing each and every one of the actors did every night. You can see that theater is their happy place because the actors looked so excited to have the opportunity to go out on that stage and perform their hearts out.

Every night I left with a smile on my face. I could not believe how good that play was. My favorite characters were Darla (11th grader Stella SerrapereDevine), Dina (12th grader Molly Chinery), Ace (10th grader Calum Carscaddan), and Sargent Hawke (10th grader Ryan Helka). I loved all the actors. Everyone did such a wonderful job. My favorite scene was when Ace (10th grader Calum Carscaddan) and Freddie (12th grader Dylan Charles) started dancing together on stage like they were in a ballet company, but this specific part got the audience laughing. But overall, I loved every minute of my theater experience as a tech crew member. So come and support your fellow actors in future shows like the spring musical “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” happening in April. Go Thunderbirds!


Interview with Mr. Kelm, Director of the Play

Cat: How do you think the play went?

Mr. Kelm: As a Director, I was very pleased with the play. We had a strong showing of audience support and high energy from the entire cast. All around, I’m continuously impressed by the professionalism of the Theatre Department Students onstage and off.

Cat: Were there any surprises?

Mr. Kelm: Unfortunately, one of the biggest surprises was not a welcome one, with one of our hardworking students having to miss the performances due to illness.

Cat: Who are you the most proud of?

Mr. Kelm: While I am incredibly proud of ALL of my hardworking students, I must give a major show of appreciation to Emmy Wolinski, who took it upon herself to learn an entire role and make her stage debut on less than 24 hours’ notice. Their hard work and determination kept the show going, and I am incredibly grateful.

Cat: Who was your favorite character in the play and why?

Mr. Kelm: My favorite character had to be either Gracie or Freddie, for wildly different reasons; Freddie reminds me fondly of the happy-go-lucky performer I was in high school, and Gracie is the walking embodiment of my career field, with its many ups, downs, and high-intensity moments (with a gentle helping of “impassioned insanity” to go along with it).

Cat: For people interested in joining drama, what would you tell them?

Mr. Kelm: Stop by the choir room for a chat any time! My door is always open. Additionally, we have two school day classes; Intro to Drama and Theatre Performance, with hopefully another to come in the future!

Interview with Molly Chinery, 12th Grader who played Dina

Cat: What was your favorite part of the “Caught In The Act” play?

Molly: My favorite part of the play was the last scene in act 2, the part where I run around with a fake gun.

Cat: If you could describe the play “Caught In The Act” in one word, what would it be and why?

Molly: I would describe the play as a farce because it’s silly and has a lot of moments that you don’t really expect.

Cat: Who was your favorite character/characters in the play and why?


Interview with Myrna Burkhalter, 10th Grader who played Jan

Cat: What was your favorite part of the “Caught In The Act” play?

Myrna: My favorite part of the play was seeing it all come together after weeks of rehearsals and seeing how the audience reacted.

Cat: If you could describe “Caught In The Act” play in one word, what would it be and why?

Myrna: Farce because of the line, “it’s a farce.”

Cat: Who is your favorite character in the play and why?

Myrna: Lucy for sure. She’s so over the top and dramatic.

Cat: How did you like performing as Jan in the play?

Myrna: I really liked it!! I have not done an Edsel Ford fall play before, and this was a great first one.

Cat: For anyone interested in joining theater, what would you tell them and why?

Myrna: I would tell them to come to our audition workshop and see if you’re interested in auditioning!


I also interviewed Ryan Helka, a sophomore who played Sergeant Hawke.

Cat: What was your favorite part of the Caught In The Act play?

Ryan: “I would say the very fast closing scene where everyone is scattering around.”

Cat: Who were your favorite characters in the play and why?

Ryan: “I would say Freddie and Act, the comedic duo. They go together like butter on toast; their scene never fails to make me laugh.”

Cat: If you could describe Caught In The Act play in one word, what would it be and why?

Ryan: “Undone, because it’s an all-over-the-place kind of show.”

Cat: How did you like performing as Sergeant Hawke in the play?

Ryan: “I think it was wonderful getting to play Sergeant Hawke. It taught me a lot of acting tips.”

Cat: For anyone interested in joining theater, what would you tell them and why?

Ryan: “Go for it, you have a whole ahead of you. I would tell them this because it’s a very life-changing activity that really lets you express yourself.”

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